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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Making the USB Gundam and a Tangent Thrown in to Boot

Computers are spreading into our culture in a cool way.

Right, that Gundam USB modding is pretty kewl, but that made me think of something else (here's the tangent). Every month smaller, more complex computer parts and their constructs (cell phones, flash drives, USB, wi-fi, hard drives, processors, etc.) drift further into the mainstream.

Which will invisibly pull the Internet along with it. More connectivity means more people on the web, and positive feedback loop that is The Internet will continue to grow as a collective.

Is it too soon to say that America's service economy has become so intwined with the online world, that they are so enmeshed as to be fatally inseperable?

Is it too soon to say that the global economy is going to be surrounded by an Internet economy, and that outgrowth of human knowledge will spread to poorer and poorer countries? Which in turn will be a great opportunity for all of the rural areas surrounding the larger, more technically advanced societies?

The Internet has already begun to remake our world.

I would think it's not too soon to say that. Technology is pretty damn awesome.


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